Bet Notes' simple and easy to use one-screen software allows you to summarise all of your betting systems into one interface, saving you loads of time thumbing through pages and pages of e-books and PDFs.

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Bet Notes
All your betting system notes in one place!

Have you bought a shelf full of betting e-books and PDF manuals?
Do you take ages to find key information & rules about your systems?
Would you like to have all that key information available to you in a simple one-screen software application?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then Bet Notes is a fantastic utility tool that you'll not want to be without.


One screen to easily to view all of your saved systems data / information.
Link to your results spreadsheet - for each system/method that you build into the database, there is a field for you to provide a link to an external results
Link to relevant website - one of your favourite systems/methods might have a constantly updated web site, so there is a field for you to have a link to that web site, and access it via one click in the software.
Customise colours - customise font and background colours for the front-end elements of the application.
Quick Web - want to fire up Betfair or Racing Post web sites quickly?  Bet Notes allows you to configure up to 5 of your favourite web sites, so that with one click on the header bar you can quickly view those favourites of yours.


During the years that I have been online (since 1998) I have begged, borrowed and bought dozens (if not hundreds) of betting systems to test.

Amongst some of these there are a few systems that I still use today in my betting pursuits, and it was while making notes and writing up about these systems that I had an idea to build a software program that would allow me to organise my notes into one convenient place.

I was fed up with either searching my hard drive for that elusive system that I thought was for scalping the under/over 2.5 goals market, or trawling through my bookshelf for the printed PDF manual, and then searching through 60+ pages just to find what selection method I was looking for.

I wanted to quickly make a bet, but didn't want to spend hours finding the selection methods from all of my systems e-books/PDFs.

Now, most betting systems that you have already bought, I bet that you could condense the rules down into one page on information.

That's what I have done with Bet Notes - this software application is now available for you to download and use, saving you precious time making your system selections.

You might have several different horse racing or football (soccer) systems that you use, but want to quickly make your selections without having to search through pages and pages of information. Bet Notes will allow you to summarise all your system information into one handy application that is compact, user friendly and all your systems information is in one place.

Bet Notes is simply put, a handy little tool for betting enthusiasts that will save you time, so click on the button below to start organising your own betting systems.

Best Regards, 
Steve Ashley


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}I found Bet Notes a really handy piece of software that allowed me to keep all my systems in one place. I love that I just have to click the system name and then all the details are there on screen for me to check.

The notes section was really handy because it meant I could keep any information that I felt was relevant for the system.

Thanks again.  Malcolm ~ 


}This is everything that you would expect to see in a professional off-the-shelf software package.   At first I spent a while adding all
my betting information from various systems and spreadsheets into Bet Notes, but now that I have all the information in one place it means that I can now dedicate more of my time to the betting decision making process.
Bet Notes is quality software at an affordable price.

R. Bruce   Bristol, UK


}In a job which involves the tracking of many systems covering a wide spectrum of sports, Bet Notes is a God send for me! I have full system details for each system I input, which enables me to ensure I don't have to keep opening up the PDFs. All of my betting systems are in one place now, making my job a hell of a lot easier!

Regards Clive Keeling~


}As someone who is a sucker for systems, it takes me ages to locate a particular system on my Hard Drive, wade through the reams of useless data to find the one or two paragraphs I need to determine qualifiers. Thank goodness for Bet Notes as it makes it so easy to find the system rules and bet accordingly. Even more important when betting in-play, where seconds really count, and a delay whilst refreshing my memory can (and has) cost me dear.

Arthur O.  Blackpool, UK ~


}Yes, a nifty piece of software the Bet Notes, I can see that it will be handy for any punter. No fumbling, all at your finger tips. Excellent addition to my laptop, and very easy to use. Cheers.
Steve Davidson


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